Tuesday, July 5, 2011


disaster area

So, my days have been all encompassed by needy babies coupled with the hunt for a nice dslr camera, tripled by the fact that housework also needs to be taken care of....ooh, I made a pillowcase in the midst of it all from an old cloth napkin and managed to gather and drop a bag of toys to the neighbors, took the children to ride the zoo train this morning before the temps got sweltering, and managed to make yet another batch of chili and mashed taters.  I shouldn't feel too ragged.... hehhehheh.  Also we went to a lovely July 4th/Birthday gathering for one of Geoff's friends from class where Elliott got to chase a chicken around, rolled a couple of times when he got his feet taken out by the dog and had a pretty successful water gun fight....which brings me back to my camera hunt...I feel like my ole point and shooter is just not enough for the speed, clarity and lighting flexibility that I want.  also, I am in the formative phases of setting up an etsy shop for all things vintage and would like to have something that will really show off the goods.  I'm thinking Canon Rebel, and I'm thinking used, it's just maddening how many different models there are, when the time comes to make a purchase, I'm sure I will have narrowed it down some.  July has been good with G's schedule being a little more laxed, being able to have him around is so so nice (also a reason I haven't been posting) even though I know the summer will fly by:( bad in the way that G will have to resume regular grueling work/study hours, yet :) good that it won't be summer anymore and I will be a little bit closer to being comfortable going outside with the kiddles. 

On another note, I did get a few worthy snippets of my week captured.........and last but not least I found UTZ potato chips at Central Market!!! My Mad Men watching enjoyment level has just been elevated.

hoofin' it

slurpin' coconut water at the new whole foods.

"utz is better than nuts, take it from me...I'm a nut"


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