Tuesday, July 19, 2011

week recap

 Another semi good week....only mild malaise was endured throughout.  Rearranged Elliott's room, was able to go out for drinks with Cindy, re-cocked the kitchen sink (which looks so shiny and new now), bathed all creatures of the house (who also look shiny and new), and framed much of my old 2010 Edward Lear calendar which I plan to scatter around the house on any wall begging for a bird.  And I can't even begin to say how fabulous it was to go see a movie with the mister,  Harry Potter in 3D, I highly recommend it, truly the end of an era :( but at least now i can begin my journey into the books :).  I plan on taking E to go see his first movie pretty soon here,  I think he will be pretty excited to see his dear Mcqueen on the big screen.  Ooh, and I treated maself to a real splurge here...a pair of shoes....from Target.  I like to buy my shoes where I can also purchase plungers.

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