Monday, August 1, 2011

camera time

So i ordered my first ever DSLR cameraaaaaaaa!!!!  It was sort of a tough decision since, a: it is a chunk of change and b: there are are a zillion models to choose from.  From the start, I new it was going to be either a Canon or a Nikon.  The D3100 wooed me a little bit more though aaand I can use my old Nikon lenses from my old SLR.  This Snapsort page was definitely a big help in the decision making process, very good camera junkie site.  flickr's camera finder, also very useful to see actual photographs taken from each camera model.....I can't wait.  All I can do is keep looking at Nikon's website and scanning over all the splendorous features it posesses, there is even a pretty cool Nikon app called 'learn and explore' which is like a crash course in photography, I am going to need all of the exposure/light meter related tips I can get, since in general I am bad with numbers.  I just want to hold it.  I am thinking about possibly DIY'ing a camera bag for it out of one of my old purses.  So much to do before it's arrival...I want it to come in to a happy home:)


  1. I started poking around your blog some more after you won the Bonnie Bag on my blog and.... we have the same camera!! I l.o.v.e. it - it is capable of some amazing things for the price! PS - Did you name yours yet? :)

  2. Too weird and yep, i'm pretty much in love. I've only had it for a couple of weeks but it is pretty friggin' awesome. Too funny, I totally have been kicking some possible names for the lass around. Thanks again for the win!!