Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a winner!!!

My last post featured a MonocledLop "Bonnie" camera bag giveaway put on by Perfectly Lovely Photography, which i found myself to be the winner of this morning!!! and now I need to select which fabric I want my camera to sit stylishly in while it isn't busy being snappy.  I love the idea of this whole make your own insert and choose your own bag idea for the camera.  There are few and far between choices out there for cool camera bags (especially reasonably priced ones) that don't look like you are hauling around....well, a camera. THANK YOU thank you ThAnK YoU!

Too cute fabric selections from MonocledLop!


  1. You have to tell us which one you pick :)! The suspense... :)

  2. This is way too hard of a decision! But I'm gonna have to go with #2 based purely on the fact that it looks like it will hide dirt the best:)