Thursday, August 11, 2011

when the cow moos

"WIll she really cut me off???"... 

..."time for a reality check, my brotha."

So much and so little going on lately.  Sadly I've barely been tapping into the glory that is my new camera, it's just a tad bit intimidating.  I love it but it needs my utmost attention....something I can't even say about myself.  I need to hit up some sort of free DSLR workshop for the gifted.  Lately, I have been getting my crafts on for an upcoming twin toddler birthday party which I can't wait for since it's going to be at Chuck E. Cheese's...where a kid can be a kid!  Elliott's never been but knows it's's branding from the PBS commercials have brainwashed him into a Mr. Cheese homing pidgeon.  Whenever we drive by, he begs to go but I'm usually going to the fabric store or somewhere way cooler, let's just say he will be plenty stoked this weekend to actually roll up on the big Cheese.  In Oliver news, I am anxiously yet hesitantly awaiting the end of this month when I cut his tab at the milk bar.  Weaning, in my experience had to be done cold turkey with Elliott, so I'm going to do the same with O.  15 months of on demand seems like plenty of lactating, for them and for me.  I remember it being three nights of Geoff and him crying it out for about 45 minutes straight in E's room till he finally passed out. Mornings were something else, I'd never seen the little guy eat so many fistfuls of cheerios.  Elliott was ultimately cool with the transition for the most part though. As for me, I was a wreck.  Cold cabbage leaves and hot showers... I'm sure they helped my condition but it took a solid week before i wasn't scary engorged.  This time around I'm going to add Sudafed to my bag of tricks, based on other mother's online tips on the matter, it apparently helps dry out the milk storage facilities as well as the snozz.  Sleeping arrangements are going to be interesting though, I'm thinking of maybe getting a toddler bed for Oliver to put in our room or maybe a trundle to put under our bed for him.  There is no way a three year old and a 15 month old can coexist throughout the night in the same room, at least not my brand of them. Elliott didn't really start sleeping in his own bed and in his own room until he was about two, and still to this day he likes Geoff to go in there with him for his middle of the wee morning awakenings.  One day we will be able to sleep again.  It really is crappy how much you take for granted when you have no children.  Not that I regret anything, just makes me hate my former whiny self a little bit more than i would like... or whenever I hear childless people bitching and moaning about lack of sleep or that they are tired in general, it makes me wish triplets on them.

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