Friday, September 2, 2011


Feeling frumpy and just plain worn out.  I ran out of eyeliner and I feel like golem without it, PLUS,  for the past four days Oliver has been running a temperature and apparently had roseola which is basically a sudden long lasting fever followed by a rash.  Several pukes later and even more laundry loads later, I AM BEAT and my eye is twitching just thinking about the fact that I have been wearing pajamas for the past week.  He is finally feeling good but dang is it taxing taking care of a little sickly man.  The whole little illness has pretty much pushed back the weaning process and made him even more needy of me and only me.  The fever made him so fickle with food which is very uncharacteristic, finally today his appetite came back for his usual fare of beans and pasta and bananas and peas and pretzels and cheese and cookies and grapes and cherry tomatoes and pickles and bread.  I am dreading weaning him, It is hard to say goodbye to all that snuggly quiet time...BUT it will be nice to not have to worry about all that encompasses being the primary feeder/pacifier.  I guess I pretty much am an attachment parenter...and it is friggin' exhausting.  We bought a crib for Elliott and I'm not even sure he used it even a months worth total.  I thought I would for sure use it with Oliver.  I must say he got more use out of it than E, mainly naps and a few hours during the night before he would wake up to snack again, but for the past six months it has been sitting in our living room serving as a collect all for stuffs that will most likely go to goodwill, awaiting a new home, so that explains a lot.  I have dreamt of wall to wall bed, basically a padded cell, that is what I need at this point in time...with a t.v. mounted to the wall playing nonstop Heathcliff episodes.  I can't wait till the weather is decent and I can at least take them out for walks again.  Eat shit Houston summers.


  1. I can't wait till we see you guys again, your blog is rockin hot bebe!

  2. I wish this was your voice in real life.