Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peaches to Peaches

 What is one to do with an entire flat of underwhelmingly flavored Costco peaches?? Preserves.  My mission was to make the peach butter recipe from smitten kitchen but somewhere along the lines, it never made it to the "butter" consistency.   I used my untouched KitchenAid food grinder instead of the prescribed food bad.  There were peach guts splurting across my kitchen and the whole pureeing process probably took way longer than what it probably should have with a manual food mill. Whatevs, it came out to be the best peach jam I ever did sink my tooth into.  And the Mason jars are oh so pretty to have adorning the pantry shelves.  My next canning feat will be tomatoes, or maybe my grandma's chile recipe.   My last couple thrifting experiences have been pleasant ones too.  I found a little wooden chair that was a little wobbly for four dollars but a couple dabs of gorilla glue later and it was solid.  I am thinking about changing the cushion material, since there is a little rip in the vinyl, then it will be purrrfect.  Oliver loves sitting in it and so does Rory (pictured).  I found a new/old sewing case that has probably seen better days but I love the flowers and I am always needing more sewing storage.  Elliott snatched up a complete Superman costume with built in muscles, belt and cape for five smackers.  Surprisingly it held up in the washing machine and he will be wearing that nonstop for the next few days I'm sure.  

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