Thursday, September 1, 2011

Potty Time! Excellent!

I think the time has come where Elliott, who has reached a wise old age of three and a half has finally come to terms with ditchin' the diaper.  He started showing interest in the potty about two years ago but pretty much passed on it when little brother came to town.  Lately he has been on a serious Superman/Batman kick again, we have been scrutinizing the apparel of the two superheroes and have finally come to the conclusion that they do not wear diapers and that they most likely use the toilet...although I'm not sure where superman's facilities would be in that fortress of solitude.  I have been laying on the praises and pretty much been giving him lots of forbidden treats such as his own soda (kid's size) if we happen to hit a drive thru or the regular lollipops and chocolate chips...he'll need some dental work but at least the amount we're saving in diapers will pay for it.  Hehehe.  But really, it would be nice to be in a place where a reward would be something like carrot sticks or graham crackers but there is no going back once they know of how awesome a little junk food is.  He has quite a healthy appetite, so I don't worry too much about junk when I've seen him polish off bowls of grape nuts or a can of sardines.  Now I have to be on the hunt for toddler sized superman tighty whiteys since that is what he is set on flaunting.  It is just about the most awesome thing for him to take off into the bathroom by himself and get the job done, complete with washing his own hands.  Yay for housebreaking #1 :)

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