Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ancient Aztec Secret Huh?

my beauty regimen.

With a little tip from my mother and a little sniffing around Whole Foods, I may have just unearthed the ultimate mosquito bite itch-zapping remedy of all time...  Aztec Secret is most definitely  the answer to the brutal skeeters of Houston and i can put it on little E & O since it is just 100% natural green clay..."Tell me more", you say?  
This is how Elliott reacts to mosquito bites.  This is ONE bite btw that was on his forehead that apparently sunk down into his eye socket. Brutal. :(

I gave myself a mask the other day (see top photo) after mixing up too much of the concoction for my bites and I may not have to undergo any of the major reconstructive face procedures that i was going to pencil into my future planner.  But really, its good and it shrunk the bites down to where they don't itch (fingers crossed for the same outcome with E's next run in with those blood suckers), plus whose face doesn't need a little Aztec t.l.c.?

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  1. That is brutal. Elliot looks like he went a couple of rounds in the ring.