Saturday, June 18, 2011

eau de I love you

kisu has got to be my favorite new scent that I used to just sample every time I went to my day dream shop kuhl linscomb.  I'm not sure how I found it or if I was just aesthetically drawn to the display case but for someone who is not a big wearer of perfumes,  I am obsessed with it.  Perfumes and I have very fleeting relationships, they always start with all the heady-ness of something great, and then before long I'm giving them the old it's not you, it's me line, then it's in to the menagerie of past olfactory loves that sit in my bathroom cabinet. They are all little memories that I like to sniff once in a while for an instant flash back to days of old.  I am sort of the same way with music, I will o.d. on a particular band and then I can't bear to listen to them down the line until an acceptable time has past proportionate to the level that I was obsessed.  I'm taking it slow and steady with my new fling. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty sure I have smelled this perfume on you and it is DEE-VINE. I love to smell woodsy. Know you, like I just frolicked naked through the woods and over the bridge to grandmother's house i go.