Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thrift Bandit

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Sometimes it can be a little rough out there on the thrifting front...but not yesterday!  My gal Cindy and I made off like some thrifty bandits and it feels good.  I have already washed all china, and laundered all linens (I figure washing thrift store sheets on hot/cold with tons of white vinegar, detergent and oxyclean will get whatever biologically offensive molecules out).  The chicks are perched in my kitchen window and the bamboo sheets are already parked on Elliott's bed.  Ooh, I also scored on a couple of vintage dresses but they need to be taken in a bit here and there, and for $3 a pop I will gladly put alterations on my to do list. 


  1. Thrift store sheets are one of my most favorite things! They are soft and broken-in in a way that store boughts never will be.

    Love your haul!