Sunday, June 26, 2011

the pain train's a comin'.

red devil

 So, Oliver is officially walking, and climbing up on the couch, and throwing his chubby leg up and over a little ride on far there haven't been too many painful spills, but this has only been going on for about a month or so.  he has been throwing mischievous looks our way just before he sneaks over to the water cooler, or before he is about to go into the ever so off limits laundry room, or to sneak into the bathroom at full speed... but he always lets us know when he's about to do something bad by shouting a little "ahh!".  Thanks for the warning my little gingerbread man.  I hope you don't bonk your head as much as your big brother did.

design spray

In keeping with the pain train theme...C'mon, a Railroad plate!? E could be watching Thomas while eating Thomas pasta with traincar in hand.  I feel like with the right handyman/woman know how, this could be reproduced fairly easily with some non toxic wood glue, some screws, a wooden cutting board and some tracks...or you could just buy this lovely utilitarian railroad plate.

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  1. Pain train has arrived, get on the pain train Cat are Good!