Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back in Heat...

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My California trip came and went about as fast as I knew it would...Fast!  I scored some excellent loot from my grandma Emily, and a few gems from a couple of outstanding atascadero junk shops.  My only beef is that I have so many girly knick knacks and ephemera and no girls to shower it all upon.  What a waste...NOT.  I am more than happy to be a hoarder.

So many little girl patterns, and no little girls to sew for.


Tis good to be back in my own house with a new project at hand (or is it at foot?).  Its nice to see that my little green corner survived my being away... and that a new vegetable garden is beginning to sprout up in the backyard.  The Houston heat is not so nice but I'm just trying to ignore it for the time being.  If all goes well today for mommy minty and myself, a little reunion is in order tonight!  Being the only gal in a house filled with boys can be kinda sorta hormonally unnerving unless you have a nice lady friend to retreat to every once in awhile.  *Excited*

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