Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tights! Tights! Tights! (and leggings)

My legs, they have not seen the light of day for probably the better part of my life.  If you can imagine a blinding translucence with a handful of bruises, then you can imagine my situation.  One bruise-less day I hope to wear shorts or a skirt to display some leg that I can stand for!  Till then I will wear my shorts with leggings or tights, even though it is 112 degrees out.  and I will continue to wear sweaters to shield the top part of me from being unevenly sunkissed.  If there is anything I hate more than anything, that thing would be noticeable tan lines (or in my case - burn lines).  Bring it on you scummy heat index, you can't make me take it off!

so cute

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  1. How cute is that last outfit?! And awe look at Kate Moss and the dude from the Kills breaking Allison's little heart.